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Constructing STEM in a classroom

 These teachers are part of a magnet program that will be developing at 3 middle schools. They will be using PBL as a part of their instruction. Would like to enhance their PBL experience with a real world connection virtually capturing STEM...

  • Date Options - 07/18/2018 12:00 PM Eastern Time , 07/18/2018 2:30 PM Eastern Time
  • Posted By Jessica Nombrana


Louisiana Teen Readers' Choice 2019

Middle and high school librarians are developing programs to promote reading and the LA Teen Readers' Choice 2019 nominations.  This is a summer workshop.Librarians would like to visit with an author of one of the books nominated for this year's...

  • Date Options - 07/18/2018 11:00 AM Eastern Time , 07/18/2018 10:30 AM Eastern Time


Ratios in Baking

My class will be studying ratios, rates, and proportions in November and December. A common way ratios are used in real life is cooking, especially baking. In my experience, students love when class material (especially math) is used in TV/movies. I...

  • Date Options - 11/23/2018 11:00 AM Eastern Time , 11/16/2018 11:00 AM Eastern Time


Hiring Requirements for Local Companies in SA

Enhance their contextualized lesson plansPrepare AEL students for what employers really wantIncrease awareness of manufacturing and trade careers in local workforce area

  • Date Options - 06/28/2018 2:00 PM Eastern Time , 06/27/2018 10:00 AM Eastern Time
  • Posted By Michelle Yzaguirre


Automotive Service & Repair Careers (on Oahu)

Students are gaining in-depth knowledge of the various high-wage, high-demand careers across the state of Hawaii. Some students may be interested in Automotive Service & Repair.Many students are familiar with cars, but don’t know what goes...

  • Date Options - 11/28/2018 1:00 PM Eastern Time , 11/28/2018 2:30 PM Eastern Time


Careers in Welding

Structural Welding Skills

  • Date Options - 12/19/2017 10:30 AM Eastern Time


Developmental Psychology

This is a Psychology Practicum course where students explore various branches of psychology and career choices.  I have students interested in learning about developmental psychology and would love the schedule someone in this field to...

  • Date Options - 12/18/2017 4:30 PM Eastern Time