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Endangered species

Endangered species

  • 5th Grade Gifted and Talented
  • Grade 5

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Learning About Careers From the Experts Themselves

Fourth and fifth graders will be starting a Career Fair Project where they will research a career and become an expert in that field. This will be our entry event for the month long research project.

  • Elementary Education
  • Elementary

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Micro-Enterprise Self-Assessment Presentation - (Accounting)

Jump Start Micro-Enterprise Credential - A review of the basics of financial literacy, effective workplace behaviors (“soft skills”) and appropriate engagement with adultsCredential Objectives: 1) Help students interested in...

  • Entrepreneurship
  • High School

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Careers Without College

We're doing mock interviews presently.  We have covered resume writing, job searching, reading, writing, speaking, general mathematics, positive attitudes, Greeting-Name-Affiliation-Purpose, proper dress, among others.

  • Jobs for West Virginia's Graduates
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12

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Learning about investigative careers and how other WOW (world of work) skills and traits are related to investigative jobs. (I.E. artistic, social, realistic)

  • IB
  • Grade 6

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Programming with a Raspberry Pi

We are participating in Samsung's Solve for Tomorrow.  We need to learn how to use a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to run LED lights and to broadcast and radio signal.

  • Middle School

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Review and Critique Student's Self Assessment BM 5: (Culinary Arts,Retail Store,Day Care)

Louisiana requires public high school students who seek to graduate with a Jump Start Career Diploma to earn one or more industry-based credentials.The Micro-Enterprise Credential provides students of all abilities and interests with the workplace...

  • Virtual Workplace Experience
  • High School

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Tell me about being an Athletic Trainer!

In the Principles of Business class, students have the opportunity to complete some of the Micro-Enterprise Credential components. To attain the Micro-Enterprise Credential, students must complete a Self-Assessment of personal interests and...

  • Principles of Business
  • Entrpreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship with MicroEnterprise Credential embedded
  • High School

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Career Exploration: (Veterinarian)

The class is exploring different career paths in the Math and Science fields.  They are working on projects that allow them to explore their pursuit of passions.  Pursuit' of' Passion allows students to explore the relationship between...

  • 4th Grade GT
  • Grade 4

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