Students are to gain an appreciation of the use of trigonometry in a field they would not normally associate with mathematics.  Students will have been studying the trig functions primarily from an abstract, mathematical view.  They will know basic properties such as how trig functions relate angles to sides of triangles as well as the properties of a wave.  It is the intent of the session for them to see this information being used on a daily basis in a field that can be easily seen as critical. 

After the session the students should be prepared to begin looking at other fields where trigonometry is used and should begin the process of applying their knowledge.

Key Questions

How important is mathematics in your field?
How significant was your math education in understanding other content you needed to learn in school?
What courses did you need to take in college?

Expected Outcomes

Students should be able to answer the question: How are trigonometric functions used in the medical field?


Curriculum Alignment

Use trigonometric ratios and the Pythagorean Theorem to solve right triangles in applied problems.?

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(5) The student applies the concepts of sketching and skills associated with computer-aided drafting and design. The student is expected to: (A) sketch single- and multi-view projections; (B) prepare orthographic and pictorial views; (C) prepare auxiliary views; (D) prepare section views; (E) project points and construct lines to build geometric forms; (F) construct true length of lines and true size of planes by the revolution method; (G) draw developments using radial line, parallel line, and triangulation methods; (H) construct piercing points and intersection of planes using edge-view and cutting plane methods; (I) prepare and revise annotated multi-dimensional production drawings in computer-aided drafting and design to industry standards; and (J) demonstrate knowledge of effective file structure and management.

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Pre Calculus   AP Biology  
Grade 10   Not Specified  
Career Clusters
Health Science   Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics   Education & Training  
No. of Students
Trigonometry in the medical field
Sub Topic
Medical imagery, refraction, Isometric Drawings  
Not Available  
Biomedical Engineer   Biomedical Engineering   Biomedicine   Medical Imaging