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This session will cover both the need for water treatment to provide safe drinking water, and how bags and other plastics ultimately end up in the oceans. As I cover these topics, I'll also talk a bit about careers in water engineering, and teach students some ways they can start helping the environment now.

Key Questions

What may be in water supplies that can be harmful?

How can these harmful substances be removed?

How does plastic end up as a contaminant in water supplies?

How can students help address these issues?

Expected Outcomes

The value of drinking water treatment.

The need to support drinking water treatment research.

Opportunities for careers in water engineering.

The need to eliminate single use plastic bags, the idea of requiring deposit on all bottle (to encourage return), promoting research into biodegradable plastics, etc.


Curriculum Alignment

Session Date

 09/25/2018 12:30 PM   Eastern Time




Peter Cartwright Cartwright Consulting Co.
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Clean Water: A Look at Plastics Pollution & Water Treatment
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