Exploration Vessel Nautilus is a one of a kind oceanographic exploration vessel which is on a mission to explore the 95% of the global ocean so far unseen by humans. Using Remotely Operated Vehicles and other scientific technology the team conducts interdisciplinary research in biology, geology, chemistry, archaeology on the world's seafloor broadcasting all expeditions live 24 hours a day on Telepresence broadcast technology allows the whole world to participate in exploration and meet the STEM role models of the Corps of Exploration. 


A Live Ship-to-Shore Connection is a perfect way to bring this exploration science directly to the classroom for free. Shipboard interaction capabilities aboard E/V Nautilus enable students and the public to engage in a unique two-way, live dialogue with scientists, engineers, and educators of the Corps of Exploration. Live interactions are available FREE as part of the Ocean Exploration Trust’s Community STEM Program. Live connections last 20-30 minutes and can be customized to connect classroom content to cutting-edge deep ocean research missions. 


For 2018, live ship-to-shore connections can be scheduled free through Google Hangouts, 7 days a week, across all timezones. Broadcasts begin June 6th and continue through November 15th. Each broadcast is scheduled custom for the audience rather than offered daily at specific times. Reserve your preferred date and time using the request form


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Technical requirements

  • Ability to connect to Google Hangout
  • Wired internet connection fast enough to load video without buffering
  • Projector / Speakers for incoming audio and video
  • Microphone


Gather this info before submitting a request  

  • Preferred interaction date and time + at least one alternate date/time
    • Submit requests one week in advance for preferred scheduling
  • Brief audience information: venue, primary age range, and approximate size
  • Special content requests: Is the live interaction following a unit on animal adaptation or robotic systems? How familiar is the audience with the Nautilus Exploration Program?

Key Questions

Programs are a 20 - 30 minute Q&A session directed by student questions. Dive into a conversation with Corps of Exploration presenters on E/V Nautilus. Learn about the ship’s current location and exploration goals as well as the latest discoveries from the team. Presenters provide context for general audiences meeting ocean exploration for the first time and can dive deeper into the STEM elements of exploration for advanced audiences. Connect content in STEM courses to cutting-edge missions, or simply expose students to the STEM careers found within oceanographic expeditions. 

Expected Outcomes

Students will gain exposure to cutting-edge research, application of new technology and problem-solving skills in real-world context.  They will meet STEM professionals and have the chance to learn about their education pathway and day-to-day life on an exploration vessel.  There are connections across NGSS, Common Core, and to all Ocean Literacy Principles. 


What do our audiences say?
“Wow, that was beyond cool. I can't believe we got to talk about robots. It's like you're talking to your friends. But your friends are on TV. And you're talking to them" - Student

“The kids were very excited to speak with an ROV pilot this week. My Superintendent and Principal sat in on the chat and were so impressed...All these kids Facetime all the time, but to realize how much work went into what just happened was amazing. Their mouths were agape.” - Teacher


Curriculum Alignment

Session Date

 11/15/2018 11:00 AM   Eastern Time




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