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There are so many ways to have a STEM career! Summer vacation is coming right up for students, which makes it a great time to think about what they might want to do for a career, and to consider summer jobs and internships in a STEM field.

To help students as they think about different possibilities, I want to share my own experience. As a professional engineer who has been self-employed for over 35 years,  I have participated in various business ventures and provided technical services to a range of companies. I have first-hand experience seeing what new trends are emerging for STEM careers, particularly in terms of the intersection between engineering and sustainability.

I will share some "real world experience" by discussing my own education and career trajectory, and by giving examples of different projects I've worked on. I'll also share some advice based on my own takeaways from my work and from trends in the field overall. Then I'll open it up to a Q&A so that students have the opportunity to ask a range of questions. So please feel free to have your students think in advance of what STEM career questions they might want to ask!

Key Questions

What does it mean to be an engineer?

What trends are emerging in STEM and Sustainability?

Do I have to learn how to be a waiter before branching out as an entrepreneur?

Expected Outcomes

The three things you need to graduate in engineering.

Sustainable Science, Technology, Engineering and Math emerging careers.

Yes, food before Forbes.  You need some type ready skill to ensure personal well-being.  Waiter is good, in STEM world, a trade is better.  I'm skilled as an Instrument Technician.


Curriculum Alignment

Session Date

 05/11/2017 1:30 PM   Eastern Time




Wayne Dunn E. W. Dunn
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STEM & Entrepreneurship: How to Find or Create a Job in the Land of Geeks
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